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The Option Game To The Next Level
“Take The Option Game To The Next Level” is 300 pages on how to install the option game from multiple formations and motions. This manual with give you all the points for installing the option game and using the option game to set up the passing game. The option running game will give you a detailed outline for installing the Inside and Outside Veer, Midline and Load, Lead, and Speed Options. The passing game is divided into Play Action, 1 & 3 Step, 5-Step, and Sprint-out Passing Game. Coach Campbell and Coach Riehlman have put a lot of detail into this manual and guaranteed to enhance any coaches’ library.

By: Jerry Campbell. ISBN: 1-59205-065-4
3 DVD Series Installing The Multiple “I” Back Offense
An excellent comprehensive 3 DVD Series for installing the “I” and “Offset I” offense. These DVD’s are divided into terminology, formations, backfield sets, tailback and fullback game, complete option game with reads, and offensive line installation,

By: Jerry Campbell ISBN 1-59205-065-4
Defensive Line Skills Camp:
Defending The Run

Defensive Line Skills Camp: Running Game is a complete instruction on developing your defensive line versus the running game. This DVD provides complete instruction along with on the field drills and techniques. This DVD has a lot of visual information.

By: Jerry Campbell ISBN 1-59205-075-1
JCFB News and Events
Jerry Campbell speaks around the country through out the year, we will be updating this page with dates and times.

if your interested in having Coach Campbell speak at your next conference please contact him here
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